Terrence and I planted some seeds under a tree in Braemar Hill Park, Hong Kong. We paid visit to our "garden" once one or two weeks. We brought them an apple juice and a lychee yogurt called "ivy", or sometimes we gave them eggs.


An extension of myself, of my insight, transform it. I wonder if people realized as they water their plants, water became media. Sometimes it makes me think how beautiful human's mind is, or it's actually a desire of something absent. Without water, people cannot plant. In this case, it's more like a metaphor of desire. I implement emotion. A fantastic imagination to see if our seeds would have feelings. Human can't use the water inside them to water the plants. The similar situation is going on now in Media Art. Maybe we can think about either breaking the "mirror" or transforming it.




One day we could use the water, blended in a mixture inside us to water our plants.

Mirror Stage

photo prints